Round Room- 1st floor

This conference room is one of our more private meeting rooms. It offers a white board, projector as well as wall mounted television, all for your use. This room can seat 6-8 people.
Foundry Community Rules:
1.      Big boys and girls’ rules apply.  Do the right thing.
2.      Treat others as you want to be treated. 
3.      Clean up after yourself...especially in the restroom.
4.      Please keep your volume level at a reasonable level.  The co-working spaces are quiet zones so that all may work uninterrupted.
5.      You are responsible for your staff and guests.
6.      Report all security and/or safety concerns immediately.
7.      Network and collaborate but no solicitation.
Cancellation Policy…
The nature of your agreement: Your agreement is the commercial equivalent of an agreement for accommodation in a hotel. The whole of the business center remains our property and in our possession and control. You acknowledge that your agreement creates no tenancy interest, leasehold estate or other real property interest in your favor with respect to the services to the accommodation. We are giving you just the right to share with us the use of the business center so that we can provide the services to you. The agreement is personal to you and cannot be transferred to anyone else. We may transfer the benefit of your agreement and our obligations under it at any time.
Duration: FoundryClub offers a variety of plans including month to month, six month and one year membership agreements.  Our agreement lasts for the period stated in it and will then automatically be extended for successive periods equal to the initial period, until brought to an end by you or by us. The standard fee during any extension period shall be equal to a 7% increase or the then current standard fee for your accommodation but in no event lower than the fee paid by you during the then expiring period.
Bringing your agreement to an end: Either of us can terminate your agreement at the end date stated in the agreement, or at the end of any extension period, by giving at least sixty (60) day notice to the other which shall be effective the last day of the calendar month in which the last day of such sixty (60) day period falls or the Club’s termination of their Management Agreement (as may be amended or renewed from time to time) by and between you and FoundryClub unless earlier terminated under the provisions of this Service Agreement.
Foundry Club
5307, East Mockingbird Lane
City Dallas
Country US
Room Type Conference Room
Capacity 8 People

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