GWA Webinar: Co-Working, Co-Sharing & Co-Mmunity – How to Value the Sharing Economy


Join Dorthy Bright (President and CEO of HappyDesk) and Liz Elam (founder of Link Coworking and Executive Producer of GCUC) to discuss the value of Community building in the changing landscape of the future of work. How do you entice members to engage in the community? How do you get them to commit? Why are we seeing this growth now? Liz and Dorthy will lead a discussion on how to capitalize on explosive market growth and manage the changing perceptions of consumers.


HappyDesk & Davinci Integrate


HappyDesk-DavinciHappyDesk’s NEW integration with Davinci Meetingrooms offers shared spaces: 

  • Live inventory sync between HappyDesk & Davinci Meetingrooms
  • Davinci Meetingrooms bookings and requested amenities now appear on your HappyDesk calendar instantly
  • Avoid double bookings and streamline your space management with a single calendar

Introducing the HappyDesk Master Calendar!



HappyDesk’s Master Calendar Feature
Allows Shared Space Providers to:

  • Compare room availability – per venue in day, week or month view
  • Book any length of time in day, week or month with click and drag on calendar
  • Edit booking – time, room, amenities, number of people attending
  • Add attendees’ email addresses
  • Choose how to process the booking – take payment, bill later or use hours/credits
  • View hours/credits available for user or company
  • Set meetings to reoccur for a specific number of times or on a specific date (can be done weekly or monthly)

Get to Know Christina


HappyDeskChristina is your go-to guru for all things Happy! As HappyDesk’s ambassador, Christina is responsible for all client questions and concerns.

Christina is here to enhance your experience with HappyDesk and ensure it’s as pleasurable as possible. 

She’s responsible for creating the HappyCommunity and making sure all foreseeable concerns are addressed.

Email Christina at or call her at (310) 774-4098 with your questions regarding:

  • Accounting
  • Software
  • On-boarding
  • Anything else!

HappyDesk Expands Its Footprints in Miami


Miami Life Science and Technology Park copy

HappyDesk announces true shared space collaboration alongside WUN Systems with  dual company expansions of space in Miami. The space at the Miami Life Science and Technology Park will house their respective teams of customer service, on-boarding specialists, engineering and sales.

“WUN Systems and HappyDesk have experienced exponential growth. To meet increasing demand, it’s essential for WUN and HappyDesk to operate in spaces that enhance collaborative work. Midtown Miami offers the opportunity to access Miami’s growing tech-centered marketplace,” says Dale Hersowitz, Co-Founder of WUN Systems and HappyDesk.

True to their take on collaboration, HappyDesk and WUN frequently sponsor events and mixers that promote networking, synergy and collaboration.

WUN Systems is known throughout the shared space industry as the leading provider of cloud-based products delivered on-demand and with flexible terms. Their team proudly serves 100,000+ clients across 1,000 locations, 100 cities and 10 countries. WUN currently serves single location operators as well as the largest networks in the industry.

Shared space providers seek HappyDesk’s software to increase revenue and maximize operational efficiency. Launched in May 2014, HappyDesk has since grown its shared space roster to include hundreds of workspaces globally. HappyDesk currently fuels shared spaces in 15 countries and 5 continents.