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Why so happy?

HappyDesk connects people offering and seeking spaces, and related services via a social network.

Happy Providers

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Happy Seekers

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Connect directly with a space provider. Your space. Your terms. Your happiness.

The relationships forged between you and your space provider is the difference between business as usual and business undone. HappyDesk is built by software engineers—not marketers—our platform features tools to help you get business done, wherever you need to be. 

Door ControlGain seamless, secure
access to your space.


Client PortalManage your account and preferences.

HappyDesk MarketplaceOne tool to connect directly with thousands of spaces.

Rate Structure. 
So Simple to make you Happy!

Door Access the way it should be: To Go.

  • Zero cost to you
  • No middleman
  • Just incredibly cost-effective places to work!
  • One code provides secure access to the space, wifi and phones 
  • Remove the administrative aspect of servicing the client, and focus on enhancing the client experience

Connect directly with your clients. Your relationship. Your revenue. Your Happiness. 

The relationship forged between you, your members and clients is the key to success. The foundation for this begins at the first impression. Built by software engineers—not marketers— HappyDesk software features the HappyDesk Apps, rate structure and social Marketplace, to enable, foster and enhance this engagement. Here's how:

Door Control

White Labele-Commerce Platform

White LabelCustomer Portal

Rate Structure. 
So Simple to make you Happy!

Give to the Marketplace.
The Marketplace will give back.

  • Direct Payment: Lister collects 100% of the revenue into their merchant account. 
  • No Profit Sharing
  • No Commissions
  • One Flat Fee


How does this work?

Happy Seeker

  • Search through the Happy Marketplace to find your ideal spaces and services


  • Select your match(es) and get to know your space provider(s).
  • Set up an account
  • Book + Buy


  • Your Services. Your Terms.
     Your Happiness.
  • Engage. Work. Enjoy.
  • Happy Provider

  • List your spaces and services in the HappyDesk Marketplace, on your own site or both
  • Set up an account.
  • Using your own site? Snap in a fully white labeled e-commerce platform for free!
  • Connect to your own Merchant Account
  • Your Brand. Your Client.
    Your Happiness.
  • Product is purchased off of HappyDesk or your own website.
  • You collect the revenue and own the client for life!
  • Securing and offering spaces and services is as easy as paying for a hotel.

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